by Madeleine Pelner Cosman, Ph.D. Esq.

My neighbor is prominent Muslim whose mailbox is next to mine. I found this 10-part letter from Osama bin Laden accidentally placed in my mail.   

"As Allah made the wind blow hard, I watched and laughed at how many people and philosophies help me destroy America.  Katrina taught me a lot.  Like a good whore, Katrina gave me more than I bargained for.  Americans will surrender to me for they preemptively surrender to natural disaster.

1. American Surrender to Disaster

Lack of preparedness for known potential disaster is surrender to disaster.  Lack of preparedness, in fact, is preemptive surrender to forces of nature or forces of malicious men, like me!  Americans should fight Nature and should fight me.  But intentionally they do not.  Why not? 

Why does any American who could avoid it give in to catastrophe? Why do Americans compassionately pay for generous welfare benefits for "the poor" but refuse to pay for necessary preparedness for public disasters? Why will Americans willingly give me their glorious, corrupt country without my firing a shot?  

American Marines may be always prepared, always faithful, Semper paratus..semper fidelis, but other Americans by lack of preparedness surrender to disaster.

2.  Local Leadership

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin had declared mandatory evacuation because of hurricane Katrina.  Sophisticated meteorologists had forecast a Category Five hurricane. Even in my hideout when I hear America's NOAA predict a Five, I know that Allah will fan fierce winds to speeds over 155 miles per hour.

Everyone knew that levees that hold back Lake Pontchartrain water from flooding New Orleans were built to survive only a Category Three storm. That means colossally less wind and rain. Everyone knew the Mississippi River water pumping system for the city dated back to the 19th century. A level Five could level New Orleans. 

Mayor Nagin specifically took no precautions to protect his city.  He did not enforce the evacuation.  Fleets of school busses that could have bussed people out now lie under water. Mayor Nagin made no preparations for the Super Dome to accommodate thousands of people he must have known would invade it.  He threatened that the stadium was the refuge of last resort. In advance he stated that the stadium would have no cots, no food, and no water. People would have to provide their own. This mayor of the people claimed on radio, bizarrely, that he is no drug addict.  Certainly he should have known that some of his poorest and sickest citizens and some of his thousands of Illegal Aliens would not make it out.

I thrilled at that black mayor's shouts, curses, and crying on television.  He demanded that Governor Blanko and President Bush "get their asses" to New Orleans and figure out what to do.  Amazing!  Incompetent leaders surrender to disaster by publicly blaming others. Rather than act responsibly, the mayor of a historic, distinguished city whined and screamed with childish frustration that he "was pissed."  Any man of power could take a city from such a weak leader.

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanko indecisively waited three days after the arrival of Katrina to call for federal help, to call the Air National Guard, and to request a declaration of martial law. Then she too blamed President Bush for not responding fast enough.

3. Federal Emergency Management

I study vulnerabilities of American cities.  I value information for obliterating cities by their own physical or social hazards. To destroy flow of oil, natural gas, fish, and seafood through Mississippi River and Gulf producer states I thought I would bomb those ridiculous low levees if Katrina had not.  National Geographic in 2004 predicted the Katrina catastrophe. Christopher Hallowell's 2001 book Holding Back the Sea: The Struggle for America's Natural Legacy on the Gulf Coast teaches just where to break the levees to destroy New Orleans. John M. Barry's book Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America also gave me excellent advice for crippling that vulnerable city.

If I knew it, FEMA knew it. Governor Blanko knew it. Mayor Nagin knew it. Louisiana statesmen knew it. Everyone knew that 80% of the city would flood if the levees broke.

FEMA people are mystics. They willingly suspend disbelief. They hear Category Five, prepare well for Category Three, as if their importance will duel with then overcome Fate.  Impotent FEMA lost.

FEMA apparently arrived two days before Katrina made landfall.  FEMA staged its protectors, gear, and life saving materials precisely where the predicted Category Five hurricane disabled them. Trucks were inoperable. Telephones and radios went out.  FEMA responsible for coordinating all branches of first responders coordinated nothing with anybody. 

My Islamic caves have state-of-the-art satellite radios. FEMA did not. I fell over laughing when FEMA claimed not to have known people were starving and rioting in the huge stadium.

FEMA was "overwhelmed."  That amazing word has no equal in Arabic when applied to leaders in emergencies.  I, Osama, shoot any emergency expert who cannot handle an emergency.  He must not exist. No emergency expert can be overwhelmed.  His purpose in professional living is to predict the most terrible, unlikely, yet possible horror, and prevent it or protect against its terrible emergencies. 

On Afghanistan TV, I studied the San Diego Wildfires of 2003. I learned that no firefighting aircraft were permitted to take off one half hour before sunset. An arson fire started precisely then in a wilderness area accessible only by airplane. The once-proud city preemptively surrendered to wildfire. San Diego let fire burn unfought through the night to consume 385,000 acres, 2600 homes, and 17 lives. American self-defeating legislation and ecologic protections (no fire-retardants used on plants protected as endangered species) confirmed my certainty as to where and when best to attack that city. Their own laws prohibit their defending their own land and people.

San Diego's Office of Emergency Services refused to sound the emergency alert system because the wildfires were "fast moving," "occurred at night," and the ridiculous leader thought it better to let people burn than to let them panic!  Meanwhile, California Department of Forestry airborne firefighter division was "overwhelmed" by the magnitude of the fire emergency.

I use America's weakness to subvert its defense.  I eliminate Muslims' overwhelmed incompetence dangerous to survival.

FEMA's colossal bureaucracy helps me.  Michael Brown heads FEMA and also is Under-Secretary for Homeland Security for Emergency Preparedness and Response. On August 29, professional search and rescue and medical people all over the country volunteered their time and talent.  Brown's nutty Incident Command System structure changed daily.  No one knew from day to day which rescue job he was to do or how best to do it. Worse, FEMA had no infrastructure to feed and house helpers.

While badly needing help, FEMA commanded all fire and emergency services to "not respond until requested and until lawfully dispatched by state and local authorities 1) under mutual aid agreement, and 2) Emergency Management Assistance Compact." That means until everyone is given sensitivity training and social manipulation. The more politically correct, the more delay, the more who die.

Anyone in American public life helps me who refuses to defend his nation or is incompetent to defend it.

4. Americans' Unwillingness to Defend Themselves

I always carry a gun.  Some Muslim women who wear burkas are sure shots. Few Americans take their Second Amendment rights as personal.  They depend on the Police and calling 911.  Cynically I thought after September 11, 2001, I would have symbolically tainted the numbers 911. 

I selected that date to show New York and Washington that I could destroy them with their own proud machinery. Brilliant idea, using their own planes as missiles to bring down the Twin Towers!  I used their cowardly liberal psychology of surrender to terrorists to take over those planes. "Do what terrorists demand or we will all be dead" was the beautiful stupidity that ejected American airline captains from their cockpits and imposed our noble martyrs behind the controls.  American philosophy of appeasement was comparable to counseling women to submit to rapists so they will not get killed.

American women depend on husbands to protect them and do not know how to use guns.  Damn Yankee Mothers, the Million Mom Marchers, want gun control. Physicians clamor for gun control. The ACLU and the Brady group want gun control. Democrats in state legislatures want gun control. American society is more vulnerable to me when Americans are disarmed. 

Gun control is my occupational safety insurance.  The more Americans without weapons, and the more who refuse to defend themselves, the easier I and my expert armed men will make Americans cower quickly in cowardly submission.  Allah be praised for American gun controls!

5. Hospitals, Police Protection, and Communications

New Orleans' Charity Hospital reported that after all patients were evacuated, the doctors, nurses, and staff were left without food and water, stranded by flood waters and roving bands of brigands that would shoot anyone thought to have valuables or drugs. The trapped medical staff in desperation started self-administering intravenous fluids to avoid dehydration.

How come the mayor's office does not have a precise inventory of every emergency aid facility and its first, second, third, up to twelfth method of contact in case of need? While I am glad to know I can interrupt a city's work simply by disabling the landline phones and cell-phone towers, I am amazed that emergency workers do not all have alternative, cheap, hand-held, line-of-sight radios that will function after all official communication channels are cut. 

Communication usually is the first catastrophe of an invasion. When defenders cannot contact a central control, they lose initiative and they suspend certainty. The best way for me to disarm an otherwise armed force is to undermine its courage by silence.

Only the strongest warriors can encourage themselves when isolated and afraid. Only the most valiant can proceed in unknown places to act to the highest levels of their training when they cannot hear their leader's command and cannot report on actions taken or planned.  There is no cohension in a force of isolated, frightened amateurs. Only individual heroism helps. 

Every one of my Islamic horsemen in the wilds of Afghanistan carries a gun, satellite phone, traditional emergency food plus sports power bars that wrap nutrients in non-spoiling granola in a flat foil packet.  How come every American physician, nurse, hospital department, ambulance, and emergency vehicle is not so equipped? 

Here in my hideout I monitored New Orleans police radio transmissions of police officers "going 10-7," out of service, with no stated time of return to service. I heard that 200 officers turned in their badges to the New Orleans police force and two officers committed suicide. How can that be? 

Lack of leadership and lack of communication lead to such bureaucratic disaster.  Those who left probably are new recruits poorly trained and overpowered by the magnitude of real terror.  Or they are seasoned, ethical warriors who had been ill-led and prevented from doing what they knew to be right.  American law enforcement's forced submission to social permissiveness of lawlessness is a surrender to disaster. 

6. Homeland Security   

Michael Chertoff's nice grey beard would look well in a kafiyah before I chop off his head.  He promotes a Guest Worker program that is a masquerade for amnesty for Illegal Aliens. The more of my people who come in by real or fraudulent citizenship, the sooner I can take over America by vote. 

For me triumph resides in killing, in converting, and in overwhelming the American enemy with his own compassion and stupidity. Double horror comes from defeat not by fair fight but by subversion of the best by the most trusted. America's generosity in giving the vote to all, altruistically giving freedom and liberty even to Illegal Aliens, assures that I shall win by fair ballot box or by foul voting machine. 

Chertoff promotes the Visa Waiver plan so that I can sneak into America my radical Islamists and my terrorist bombers from 27 nations favored by the no visa policy. In addition to terrorism-sponsoring countries, Visa Waiver helps European nations I have infiltrated such as Holland, France, England, and Spain,

Homeland Security is so soft on border control that it took off Mexican border duty 100 officers to work on Katrina projects. Thanks, Cherty, for making things easier for our forces coming through Mexican smugglers.

Best of all, Chertoff fields a mere 2000 agents for all interior enforcement of Immigration and Customs Control. That perverse program welcomes all Illegal Aliens and makes my job almost too simple.

7. The Press Helps Sow Racial Discord 

America's press helps me daily. The Leftist Liberal press flirts with socialism that thrives on racial discord and division.  Katrina afflicted 90,000 square miles and waters engulfed Gulf states, creating Allah-pleasing havoc in Missippi, Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana.  But American newspapers and televisions fixated on one city, New Orleans, in one County, Orleans County, Louisiana, and its poor blacks.  Anyone not knowing what I know could have concluded that Katrina rained her spite only on poor blacks. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and some radical black congressmen have spun a racial web that ensnares the willing, fawning press. 

The US Census Bureau verifies that survivors of Hurricane Katrina are overwhelmingly white and relatively wealthy in the five worst hit parishes in Louisiana and three counties in Mississippi.  I rejoice that Katrina took the home of Senator Trent Lott, a man neither poor nor black.

Parish or county  White Black
Jefferson, LA        69.8% 22.9%
Orleans, LA          28.1% 67.3%
Plaquemines, LA  69.8% 23.4%
St. Bernard, LA    88.3% 7.6%
St. Tammany, LA 87.0% 9.9%
Hancock, MISS    90.2% 6.8%
Harrison, MISS     73.1% 21.1%
Jackson, MISS     75.4% 20.9%

8. Black Felons and Former Felons

When I come back with my best bomb I will depend on part of the poor black community to help me. I watched every foot of Katrina film on roving black thugs who looted, raped, and killed.  Great work, black bad boys!  I successfully infiltrate America's prisons system with my Wahabbi Islamist concepts that imams bring in openly.  Dumb wardens.  Dumb inmates. Dumb political experts. 

Americans do not appreciate that 27% of all black males aged 18 to 45 have spent time in prison.  Most black paroled felons have met my ideas in the clink. I estimate 14,000 felons among rioters and looters in New Orleans.  That goodly number of my kind of people is predominately on welfare, especially Medicaid.

I do not especially like American blacks but I shall use them, like I use radical Hispanics of LULAC, MECHA, La Raza, and MALDEF.  When I no longer need them I'll give them the choice of conversion, death, or dhimmitude.  Dhimmis are second class citizens with full rights of second class citizens. I allow second class citizens to live until I find them useless.

I rejoiced in watching black thugs shoot at American helicopters that try to evacuate the wounded. Thugs steal rescuers survival gear. They tried to break into hospitals in New Orleans and steal drugs.  Even black police chief Eddie Compass told the Associated Press that criminality went beyond theft to rape, beatings, and killings. The Voice of America reported "roving gangs of armed delinquents…interfering with the relief operations." Across the Mississippi River in Gretna, Tenet Healthcare asked Louisiana state police to help evacuate Meadowcrest Hospital after armed bandits tried to hijack a truck carrying food, water and drugs in the predawn hours..." So the Chicago Tribune reported.

9. Medicaid and Welfare Public Assistance

'Most poor blacks who needed rescue and many dead had refused to leave town despite mandatory evacuation orders.  Why didn't people leave?  Supposedly the poorest, weakest, and sickest had no transport and no place to go.  Really?  Do poor American people lose their families and friends along with their money?  Do their cars only take them to the mall and the casino but cannot drive them to safety with a friend or relative living on high ground? 

Do poor Americans have no neighbors who help one another? No church buses? No public buses?  Nothing that could serve this clientele that also served equally poor people elsewhere in the 90,000 square miles of devastated area already evacuated?
Perhaps the color code of safety that Homeland Security used under Attorney General Ashcroft must have specific colors such as Black Code Red, Hispanic Code Red, Illegal Alien Code Red with special culturally sensitive hues.  Then maybe evacuation for one ultimately will mean evacuation for all, shelter in place for one actually will mean shelter in place for all. 

American entitlements are at fault. I learned about Medicaid from a medical lawyer I watched on Lou Dobbs on CNN.  Medicaid is a startlingly generous program. Its comprehensive generosity sows the seeds of surrender to disaster by suspending self-reliance and impeding self-respect.

While some states give a short list of basic medical office and hospital care, most have dazzling medical additions such as free prescription drugs, long-term care, nursing home care, home repairs, hairdressing, gardening, even pest control. No where in Islamic countries would we match that.

Comprehensive care encourages dependency.  Anyone with generous encouragement to remain sick is not likely to get well.

The whole panoply of Medicaid services extends to Illegal Aliens and to so-called Qualified Aliens.  Many of my Muslim radicals are Qualified Aliens lawfully admitted as permanent residents with a Green Card for work.  Mohammed Atta of our 911 martyrs had a Green Card. Other Wahabbi potential martyrs are refugees.  Others are aliens granted political asylum.  There are even my people among sympathetic Communists from Cuba and Haiti who entered America under the 1980 Refugee Education Assistance Act.  Medicaid also goes free to aliens granted parole from prison for at least one year; aliens scheduled for deportation but whose deportation has been withheld; and aliens granted "conditional entry."

Battered alien women from any country are welcomed under the Violence Against Women Act of 2000.  So are Muslim victims of "severe forms of trafficking" who are brought to America and covered under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000.

Patients pay nothing.  The state pays all costs.  Each state is reimbursed by the federal government for at least 50% up to 83% of all costs.  All Medicaid programs must offer:
" Hospital inpatient services
" Hospital outpatient services
" Prenatal care
" Vaccines for children
" Physician services
" Nursing facility services for persons age 21 or older
" Family planning services and supplies \
" Rural health clinic services
" Home health care for persons eligible for skilled nursing services
" Laboratory and x-ray services
" Pediatric and family nurse practitioner services
" Nurse-midwife services
" Federally Qualified Health Center services plus ambulatory medicine coming to the patient
" Early and periodic screening, diagnostics, and treatment services for children under age 21

Some states add up to 34 optional state Medicaid services that include:
" Diagnostic services
" Clinic services
" Intermediate-care facilities for the mentally retarded
" Prescribed drugs and prosthetic devices
" Optometrist services and eyeglasses
" Nursing facility services for children under age 21
" Transportation services
" Rehabilitation and physical therapy services
" Home and community-based care for chronic impairments

Optional services extend well beyond what most people consider "medical."  Some Floridians on Medicaid obtain:
" Personal care, hairdressing, and grooming
" Homemaking, cooking, and cleaning
" Consumable medical and personal care supplies
" Adaptive home improvements such as wheelchair ramps and grab bars
" Home repairs and maintenance
" Pest control and yard work

Anyone living with such generous entitlement will continue to demand it and escalate demands on the government.  Entitlements render the receiver a social eunuch.

Powerful destructive impulses, however, may emerge when authority breaks down.

Entitlements suspend self-reliance and encourage helplessness.  Entitlements suspend ingenuity and encourage incompetence.  Entitlements suspend triumph over adversity and encourage whining and wallowing in victim-hood. Entitlements impede cure. Entitlements even reward illegal taking.

In New Orleans searchers and rescuers discovered people acting like brutes, threatening rescuers, shooting at them, hijacking their private boats, whining, and blaming the government. Many helpers turned back in disgust.

Entitlements that suspend the best of intelligent ingenuity and exacerbate the worst in human nature cultivate the will to surrender to disaster.

10. The United Nations Global Tax

Costs of Katrina are astronomical.  I hope those costs will confiscate much of America's profits.  But other costs loom that most Americans do not yet know they owe. The Washington Post recommended surrendering to the disaster of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals.  They neglected to mention the cash costs. The United Nations always subtly advances me.

Soon President Bush will be invited to sign the new Development Goals. John Bolton may impede my work. He will object to the innocent-seeming phrase in that document that all national leaders must "respect nature."  Respect nature is a cheerful cover to indirectly eliminate private property.  Government and international treaty will control endangered species, invasive species, and their habitats, whether or not owned by government or private people.

Best of all, the U.N. Summit document commits the US to spend $845 billion over and above what it already pays towards foreign aid. Most countries getting that aid are Islamic.

Sachs who wrote The End of Poverty irritates President Bush by stating that millions of people are dying each year because America is not acting with more foreign aid. Sachs wants a global energy tax administered through the UN. That could stagnate the American economy.

I benefit. Kofi Annan benefits. Everyone benefits when America pays. Why spend $845 billion on post-Katrina American gulf states when my Arabian gulf claims it? Council on American Islamic Relations , CAIR, will help by claiming that to not pay is Islamophobic. Will America appease that colossal insult? I hope so.

I am perplexed that Americans say they are making war on the emotion terror and the techniques of terrorism that I have carefully perfected. I, Osama bin Laden, am a proud Islamo-fascist.  How can America defeat an enemy it willingly refuses to name?  

Inhibiting free speech that names America's enemy as Islamo-fascism is an evasion of responsibility. Restricting criticism of radical Muslims in America and abroad is an avoidance of responsible gathering of information.  Forcing silence by a Hecklers' Veto on any courageous speaker who dares to tell the truth to a willing audience is a violation of reason and of the American Constitution.  All of these are preemptive surrenders to disaster.

America's willing lack of preparedness for disaster benefits me and promotes the coming of the global Caliphate of Allah. Excellent! 

Yours in Allah,