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Obama Kicks Seniors Yet Again

Posted on June 19, 2011 1:05 pm By admin in In The News

Commentary by Devon Herrick Source: | March 04, 2014 The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have a negative impact on seniors’ access to care. Much of the funding for the ACA is derived by cutting $716 billion from Medicare over the next decade. One major cut includes a 25 percent fee reduction to physicians […]

Commentary by Pete du Pont

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Farewell Some thoughts on the views that have animated this column. Source: The Wall Street Journal | May 27, 2014 Governor Pete du Pont is a Board Member of the National Center for Policy Analysis. He writes a regular column for, the online news service of The Wall Street Journal. Pete du Pont has served […]

Medicare has a drug problem

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Drug Fraud Is Growing, And Costly, Problem For Medicare NCPA Commentaries by Devon Herric. October 29, 2014 Source: Investor’s Business Daily When Congress passed the Medicare Part D drug program, it inadvertently created a license to steal. A small minority of Medicare beneficiaries abuse prescription drugs for recreation and/or profit. In the process they also steal […]