Innovations in Health Care

Cash for office care and insurance for hospital and surgicare

Posted on December 9, 2020 1:26 am By delmeyer in Innovations in Health Care

Health care has suffered the ignominy of being so expensive that almost all individuals would not be able to afford it without insurance. When hospital care was becoming unaffordable, Blue Cross came to the rescue with Health insurance for hospital care. Surgical care was likewise becoming unaffordable and Blue Shield came to the rescue and […]

Pay cash for the basics and insurance for high costs The best innovation in health care is paying personally for basic care.

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SEE SECTION 5 ABOVE ON HOW CHEAP BASIC HEALTH CARE IS IF YOU PAY IN CASH. However, this may be difficult to implement. The left would say you’re not covered unless you have medical insurance. In our planning to close our medical office upon retirement, we decided not to accept any insurance the final six […]

Gene Research Reversed Congenital Blindness Genomic Science Kept My Boys from Going Blind

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A rare disease almost took their eyesight, but before their world went dark,  a medical miracle happened. By Kristin Papiro | WSJ | Nov. 29, 2019 Nine years ago, my family attended a medical conference in Philadelphia for the genetically unblessed. My husband, Eddie, and I found kinship with the other parents there, born of shared […]

8. Innovations in Healthcare: Innovations will cease in Medicare-for-all

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The majority of socialists understand that we have enjoyed the greatest advancement in medicine and healthcare in this country ever. Most socialists recognize that. But equality trumps quality in their estimation. If everyone’s healthcare is slightly less, that is interpreted as the rich get less and the poor get more. The animosity towards the rich […]

8. Innovations in Healthcare: Doing the Wrong Things Righter Management Improvement Encyclopedia: Variation

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Variation – difference in the output of a process (or inputs to a process) over time. Variation consists of common cause variation, special cause variation and structural variation (and some include tampering). Shewart provide the control chart as a tool to use when managing processes. The reduction of variation has profound impacts on the reduction […]

The Best Innovations are poorly understood

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Health Savings accounts were proposed in the last decade or so. Although a number of businesses have used these for their employees, they were poorly understood. We have felt that the combination of a savings account with the desperation of healthcare costs was the reason for the lack of understanding. We think that high deductible […]

Innovations in Health Care will never come from Hospitals

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Hospitals will always expand, merge, consolidate or metastasize. Innovations will usually be accidental, but will increase cost of healthcare. This will increase the cost of health insurance and increase the insurance carrier’s profit. To reduce health care costs is not part of their DNA Hospitals are business enterprises without which sophisticated healthcare would plummet. Without […]

Innovations will never come from insurance companies

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Innovations in the American Health Care Network will not and cannot come from insurance companies. They are in the business of making a profit as all good corporations seek to do. They have to remain profitable to be able to sell shares and grow. The corporate practice of medicine was outlawed in most states. They […]

Is Direct Primary Care a Game Changer?

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by Rita Rubin, MA May 22/29, 2018 Article Information: JAMA. 2018;319(20):2064-2066.3173 Denver family practice physician Lisa Davidson, DO, ran a fee-for-service practice for 8 years, her only staff a physician assistant who was also a social worker. By 2011, her practice had grown to 6000 patients, and her rent was about to soar. Davidson had had enough. “I […]

Médecins Sans Frontiers Innovate Daily

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Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontiers) (MSF) operate in more than 70 countries saving lives threatened by violence, disease, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care, and catastrophic events every single day. We’re also fighting for our patients’ rights to better care and access to affordable vaccines and drugs. Backed by independent donors, our more than […]