A New Way to Fight Cancer

by admin on 01/04/2018 6:42 AM


It used to be science fiction. Harnessing your body’s own immune system to fight cancer.
But what was once the fruit of a wild imagination is today a reality.

Finding lifesaving treatments is our life’s work—the work of the 140,000 biopharmaceutical researchers who boldly leap into the unknown to pioneer tomorrow’s breakthrough cures. It’s also the work of millions of patients who fight against whatever obstacles they face.

Rather than killing cancer cells directly with traditional approaches like radiation or chemotherapy, immunotherapy harnesses the immune system’s power to eliminate the cancer or slow its growth and ability to spread. Research shows immunotherapy is improving outcomes and survival rates for some patients, including kidney and lung cancer. In fact, research from the American Association for Cancer Research shows that for advanced-melanoma patients, survival rates are improving thanks in part to these new treatment options. 

Biopharmaceutical researchers are urgently working to gain new insights into the complex interactions between patients’ immune systems and the cancer cells growing in their bodies with the goal of markedly improving outcomes in more tumor types.

With 836 medicines and vaccines in development for cancer, 80 percent of which have the potential to be first-in-class treatments, millions of Americans living with cancer have hope for a brighter future.

Welcome to the new era of medicine.

For all of us.

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