How do we keep our economy from tanking? Between Senator Wilson a Liberty/Freedom Loving Patriot, and Senator Sampson, a TSR (Tax/Spend/Regulate) loving Socialist

by admin on 04/28/2020 8:21 PM

Senator Wilson:            This corona virus pandemic is pushing us into a major depression. But if we keep our hands off of it, we’ll manage to get through it.

Senator Sampson:        We will just have to hand out some major benefits to our countrymen to protect them from this catastrophe.

Senator Wilson:            But won’t that set a bad precedent? You give them free money and they will want more. And then some more, yet. There is never an end to this appetite for free money.

Senator Sampson:         But I see no alternative, do you?

Senator Wilson:            Certainly. So far, it isn’t any worse than downturns which we weathered rather well in 1973–75; 1980–82; 1990–91; 2001; 2008–09;. Depressions are part of the economic cycle. The average duration of the 11 recessions between 1945 and 2001 is 10 months, compared to 18 months for recessions between 1919 and 1945. So they are getting less severe. 

Senator Sampson:         But it’s going to get worse. We better head it off before we have our heads chopped off in the next election.

Senator Wilson:            I think there are enough of us that remember our parents talking about 1929-41. We survived. Uncle Sam was acting like a Santa Claus with huge programs that may bankrupt our nation.

Senator Sampson:         Yes, and wasn’t that a mess. Let’s not go through that again.

Senator Wilson:            My father was so upset with how FDR handled that with reckless spending and welfare programs that are still besetting us. I remember him saying he voted for FDR. After that major depression, he changed parties and never looked back.

Senator Sampson:         I don’t think we can sell that approach to our countrymen. They are looking to  us for help.

Senator Wilson:            Isn’t that what we did in 1929? And now two generations later, we will really suffer. Possibly more so than our parents did in 1929. I think we better sell them on the suffering that this approach is causing today. We are in such straits from the Federal debt that it may cause an end to Social Security and Medicare. And then one day when all the payments stop, do you think your people will be mature enough to figure out who caused this?

The government is there to protect us, not to take care of us.

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