Pelosi for President

by admin on 04/29/2019 9:33 PM

Between Senator Sampson, TSR (Tax/Spend/Regulate), and Senator Wilson, (Liberty/Freedom)

Senator Wilson:         Willie Brown, our long-time speaker of the California Assembly, stated in today’s column in the Chronicle that Pelosi should run for president despite the fact that they have nearly 20 running on the Democratic ticket. He thinks that she can bring the various factions together.

Senator Sampson:     She sure knows how to raise the money. She’s well known, and probably the most effective money raiser we have in either party.

Senator Wilson:         I think, maybe, you’re right even though I don’t understand it.

Senator Sampson:     Brown thinks she’s moderate, works well with both parties and with various factions.

Senator Wilson:         You must be reading different reports than I’m reading . . .

Senator Sampson:     Well, I get all my news from the local papers, the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the Cable Network News which was started as a 24-hour news channel.

Senator Wilson:         It may have started that way when Turner was a successful business man. It’s not so apparent now that he’s retired.

Senator Sampson:     I would still consider him a successful business man.

Senator Wilson:         But like many business men, as they become successful, they give up some of their competitive spirit and want the government to pave the wave for them.

Senator Sampson:     Congresswoman Pelosi is not in either world. She’s in the Political World, which is personal power and money.

Senator Wilson:         Now that we know that all the congressional districts that you won in the last election represent the most wealthy, I guess you are now the party of wealth. Senator Sampson:  I’ll have to admit that Pelosi knows how to raise money.

Senator Wilson:         But Congresswoman Pelosi also has some baggage. As a representative she is sworn to uphold the constitution. However, she has stated that the Constitution is out-of-date.

Senator Sampson:     Isn’t that a true statement?

Senator Wilson:         But the context of that statement was on the Obama Care legislation: “Let’s get this health bill passed so we can all read it.” She would still be bound by her Oath of Office which states that she will diligently review all proposed legislation. To admit that she hasn’t read a bill that she’s going to vote on would certainly fall under the category of “Malfeasance in Office,” wouldn’t it?

Senator Sampson:     I don’t think she meant that. Remember, she’s a shrewd attorney. Senator Wilson:         I guess you’re correct. An attorney once told me that he wishes he could lie as effectively as Willy Clinton. I guess Pelosi can do that just as effectively.

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