Seven New CMS-855 Forms to Enroll

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Private Firms Explaining Medicare Forms

In order to enroll in the Medicare program, different providers of healthcare services or products, must now use seven different CMS-855 forms. These forms are long, detailed and sometimes confusing. Not only must they be filed initially for a given provider, they must be maintained and updated as appropriate. Due to the increasing complexity of healthcare delivery, integrated delivery systems or large multi-specialty clinics may have to maintain hundreds of these forms. The Medicare program also uses a revalidation process that periodically requires all healthcare providers to resubmit their various 855 forms in order to assure compliance. 

In this On-Demand Webinar —”Understanding CMS-855 Forms Including the New CMS-855-POH for Hospitals and Clinics” on Tuesday, September 12, expert speaker Duane C. Abbey, Ph.D. will give an overview of CMS-855 forms and how they relate to each other. Duane will discuss the role of opt-out physicians/practitioners and the way CMS-855-O fits into this process. He will also review the Medicare program’s revalidation process; address changing organizational structures; and discuss future requirements for Conditions for Payments.

You’ll get 1.5 AAPC CEU per registration.

Session Highlights:

  • Medicare enrollment using the various CMS-855 forms
  • The CMS Conditions for Payments (CfPs)
  • Medicare concerns surrounding billing and payment for services and supplies
  • Organizational structuring changes such as with provider-based clinics
  • Purpose and use of the 6 different CMS-855 forms along with the new CMS-855-POH
  • The concept of opt-out physicians and practitioners
  • How opt-out physicians can and/or should enroll in the Medicare program
  • How Part D coverage is impacted by the enrollment process
  • The revalidation process and associated challenges
  • Know how other required reporting, such as the NPIs and provider-based reporting connect with the Medicare enrollment
  • The need to develop organizational resources to maintain multiple CMS-855 forms
  • The proper use of the Internet-based PECOS process
  • Current and anticipated changes for maintaining billing privileges with Medicare
  • The need to establish contact with knowledgeable personnel at the MAC and/or RO

Session Agenda:

  • Introduction
    • Conditions for Payment — 42 CFR §424
    • Claims filing process
    • Reassignment of payments
    • OIG investigations concerning fraudulent billing
    • Revalidation and billing credentialing
    • Opt-out physicians and practitioners
  • Review of the CMS-855 forms
    • CMS-855-A
    • CMS-855-B
    • CMS-855-I
    • CMS-855-O
    • CMS-855-R
    • CMS-855-S
  • How the CMS-855 forms relate to each other
    • New CMS-855-POH — Annual report physícian ownership
    • National Provider Identifiers (NPIs)
    • Tax Identification Numbers (TINs)
  • Opt-out physicians/practitioners
    • What is the process
    • Why would a physícian/practítioner opt-out?
    • How do opt-out physicians affect hospitals/clinics?
    • How does the CMS-855-O fit into this process?
  • Revalidation process
    • Revalidations cycles
    • Process 1
    • Process 2
    • Determining status and notification
    • Time frames for completion
    • Risk levels
    • On-site visits
  • Addressing changing organizational structuring
    • Impact of organizational structuring on enrollment
    • Integrated delivery systems
    • Multi-specialty groups
    • Provider-based clinics/operations
    • Maintaining NPIs and TINs
    • Other related reporting requirements
  • Utilizing PECOS versus manual submission
  • Future requirements for conditions for payment
  • Case studies
  • And more!
    Broadcast: $227.00  Broadcast + DVD: $327.00
    Broadcast + Transcript: $327.00  DVD: $227.00  Transcript: $227.00  DVD + Transcript: $327.00  Broadcast + DVD + Transcript: $427.00  Instant Download: $227.00  Instant Download + Transcript: $327.00  Instant Download + DVD: $327.00

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