The Regulation of Doctors

by admin on 06/20/2011 12:55 AM

Senator George: It appears that our regulation of Doctors, Hospitals, and Insurance companies has not reduced health care costs. What are we missing?

Senator James: You suppose we are over regulating?

Senator Franklin: We should be able to proceed on our present course and eventually reach the point where the goose no longer can lay those expensive golden eggs.

Senator George: But I understand that no goose continually lays golden eggs. The majority are still eggs with an ovum producing new geese which are resistant to our regulations.

Senator James: Or are smarter than we.

Senator Franklin: We should be able to put a noose around the medical profession and cut their money so low that they don’t have a choice.

Senator George: Isn’t it the hospital charges that are killing Medicare?

Senator Franklin: The hospitals can’t charge Medicare unless the doctors do the prescribing.

Senator James: So how are you going to keep the doctors from ordering tests and prescribing medications?

Senator Franklin: There will come a point in continued tightening the noose around the doctors so tight that they will feel the noose tightening with every expensive test they order.

Senator George: Come on Frank. Let’s be rational. Aren’t you being vindictive? Or even being cruel?

Senator Franklin: Come on yourself, George. How else are you going to knock the Prima Donna Profession down a few notches?

Senator James: I don’t think you like doctors. Who will be the captain of the health care team?

Senator Franklin: Isn’t that the real problem? Doctors think they’re in charge of health care. Not only are they expensive, they are also rich.

Senator James: Who else would you like to have in charge of your life/death struggle should you have to be hospitalized?

Senator Franklin: There are a lot of other folks around. When I make an appointment with my doctor, I frequently see a Nurse Practitioner or a physician assistant.

Senator George: Do you think they are about equal in providing quality of care?

Senator Franklin: I think they’re about on the same level. In fact my Nurse Practitioner will order more tests than my doctor will. Now isn’t that checking me more thoroughly?

Senator James: Goodness, have we come around the bend. A few moments ago when we started this topic, you’re entire approach was that doctors spend too much on ordering tests, x-rays, etc. Now when a lower level of care orders more tests, you think that is beneficial.

Senator George: So when a doctor spends money on more tests on the public, they should be regulated more harshly. But when a PA or NP orders the tests that just means better healthcare.

Senator James: At least if Frank gets the extra tests.

Senator Franklin: You guys just don’t understand the big picture. We’re talking about the overall cost.

Senator George: But isn’t the overall costs simply the sum of all the individual parts?

Senator Franklin: I was talking about the individual parts that doctor run.

Senator James: Looks like we’ve left the world of logic and rational thinking.

Senator Franklin: Yes, we have if you don’t think doctors are the problem with healthcare in the United States.

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What is Congress Really Saying? What don’t they understand?

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