Who will be our leader in 2021?

by delmeyer on 12/09/2020 1:20 AM

Between a Liberty/Freedom Senator Wilson and

TSR (Tax/Spend/Regulate) Senator Sampson

Senator Wilson:            It appears that we have a number of post-election issues remaining.

Senator Sampson:        I don’t see it. The election has been clearly won by Biden.

Senator Wilson:            But I’m seeing numerous reports of possible fraud. The American press has never seen anything worth reporting that is pro-Trump. Many of these are coming from the foreign press. It bothers me that they are so concerned about our leadership.

Senator Sampson:         Why should they be concerned about our leadership. It doesn’t affect them.

Senator Wilson:            I believe it does. Most of the nations of the world look up to our leadership as the shining light they can trust.

Senator Sampson:         On the contrary. I think most of them are happy not to see our President in the future.

Senator Wilson:            But the ideals of the past four years are vanishing.  With Trump I think we could have seen an end to the killing fields in our nurseries and abortion clinics. We could have seen a more secure America with the completion of our southern border wall. We could see the great economy of our President continue, and be proud that he won the Novel Prize for bringing peace to the Mideast.

Senator Sampson:         But Biden will keep the economy going up and prosperous by controlling the corona virus which President Trump was unable to do.

Senator Wilson:            He will continue this Marxist approach by reducing our liberties and making us a sitting duck. What happed in Russia in 1917 and in Germany in the 1930s could happen here since we now have several trained Marxists in our Congress and three leaders of “Black Lives Matter” who confess to being trained Marxist.

Senator Sampson:         You’re just a Radical Republican who wants to keep things stirred up.

Senator Wilson:           Remember Stalin told us in the last century that we will never have to have a war to make us Communists. We will do it from within. We will be unable to prevent it with our open society.

Senator Sampson:         Well, I don’t think I would go that far. Our socialism is the Democratic form. There is no ulterior motive. We are just interested in helping people that need help.

Senator Wilson:           But to Rob Peter to pay Paul whom you think needs help, will lead you to rob every American. It seems so concerning, doesn’t it?  But to Rob Peter, it will eventually take force, to proceed to killings to get Peter to pay all that Paul thinks is his right of ownership. Isn’t that how the Socialists have killed more than one hundred million human beings in their initial efforts to be kind to everyone?

When will we learn not to repeat history that was so cruel and inhuman to our fellow human beings?

Why can’t we paint these people RED like the rest of the world treats the REDs?

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