Will not be available for the next four years

by delmeyer on 12/09/2020 1:15 AM

If the pseudo-elected administration survives for the full four years, lean healthcare will not be available. The illiberal administration needs to maintain control of United States Healthcare to allow their manipulation and control as in socialism and Marxism. The head of the Democratic party has informed its members never use the word: Socialism. It is not a vote achieving message to their dismay since some of their leaders are avowed socialists and a few are avowed Marxist. And they are very concerned that 73 million people voted for the person they thought everyone hated. That is very worrisome, especially since some states are not verifying their vote until all the litigation is settled.

There are 6 states where the difference is still less than 1/% with 79 electoral votes. Should three additional states go for President Donald Trump after the litigation is resolved, this would give our president a second term.

This would also bring a halt to the killing fields of babies slaughtered before or at birth. This would also continue the securing of our Southern border which will prevent the drain of our economy with less non-Americans in our country posing as citizens and exaggerating our welfare costs. This may also bring an end to the Marxist control of SARS-CoV-2.

Many Americans don’t recognize that we are living under a healthcare dictatorship. If Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, and others who participated in the slaughter of 100 million lives, could have controlled their nations as well as the American Governor Dictators, they may have been able to slaughter 200 million human lives.  

One of the key issues has been the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Analysis of data from the COVID Symptom Study app reveal that there are six distinct ‘types’ of COVID-19, each distinguished by a particular cluster of symptoms. Moreover, the team found that these types differed in the severity of the disease and the need for respiratory support during hospitalization. Those in cluster one, only 16% required hospitalization.

With six immunologic distinct types, and more than 42 mutations so far, this will cause major difficulties for a total vaccine. Influenza has three strains with only two causing most influenza cases. The vaccine has to be prepared new each year for the expected prevailing mutations. This has now become a quadrivalent vaccine with two strains of Influenza A and two strains of Influenza B each year. The influenza vaccines were 20 years in the making during the 1920s and 1930s.

After 40 years of research with HIV, no vaccine is yet on the horizon. There is some evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus may require some pharmaceutical actions in addition to the immune action of a vaccine just as it took decades to find any drugs for HIV-AIDS virus.

A number of pulmonologists have had 100 % cures with their COVID-19 cases with Hydroxychloroquine. But our dictatorial governors are preventing its use insofar as possible because that would not diminish their anger which is more like Madness, a psychiatric illness that is essentially untreatable, either by standard psychiatric talk therapy or any pharmaceutical measure.

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