John Loofbourow, MD

Dr. Loofbourow graduated with a BA and an MD from the University of Minnesota; a PG1 at Gorgas Hospital in Ancon, Canal Zone; a PG2 General Surgery CT at Miller Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, which was interrupted by two years of active duty in the USNR in Aviation Medicine on the USS ORCA, AVP-49 Fifth Fleet, Western Pacific. He maintains board certification in Family Practice and Emergency Medicine, and holds a master’s degree in Spanish Literature.

He first joined Doctors Nichols, Morrison, and Friesen in General Practice in Woodland, California in1959, where he became aware of the health and economic problems of migrant workers and their families. In 1968, Dr. Loofbourow founded and operated migrant and urban health clinics in Yolo, Sacramento, and Solano Counties. During this time he made a living consulting and was in charge of the Occupational Medicine program at UC Davis. Dr. Loofbourow served as president of the Yolo County Medical Society. For the following 22 years, beginning in 1988, he practiced Emergency Medicine, chiefly at Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento.

Dr. Loofbourow’s other activities center around Liliana Latrille Gonzalez, his wife of 25 years, their two children, and his five grown children and four grandchildren from a previous marriage. Dr. Loofbourow works intermittently as a volunteer physician in the Emergency Department at Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento. He is a consultant to the California Board of Medical Examiners and maintains a clinical affiliation with the U.C. Davis School of Medicine. He is on the Editorial Board for Sierra Sacramento Valley Medicine. In relative retirement, Dr. Loofbourow continues to enjoy travel, hiking and writing. His special literary interests are the cultural and linguistic interplay among the Americas, and those unique interpersonal physician-patient interactions found in everyday practice of medicine.