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In the October 2019 Quarterly Review

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Featured Article: The Transformation of the American Hospital In the News:  The U. S. District Court upheld racial discrimination at Harvard Government Healthcare:  Single Payer is more Expensive than Private Care Lean HealthCare:  Is Based on Deductibles and Co-Pays on Every Procedure Misdirection in Healthcare:  How Free is Free Health Care? Innovations in Healthcare:  Innovations […]

11. Recent Quarterly Posting: July

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Featured Article: The Initial Encounter with Eyes Wide Open In the News:  Editorial: Trust in Health Care –  JAMA: July 15, 2019 International Healthcare: Health services in Canada are not free. Government Healthcare: The Medicare Enslavement Web Lean HealthCare: Cost in Perspective Misdirection in Healthcare: Two Trillion Dollars per year wasted. Overheard on Capitol Hill: The […]

11. Recent Quarterly Posting: The April Review

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Featured Article: The Crown Jewel of ObamaCare Failures Greg Scandlen explains the irrationality of the individual mandate. In the News: The Health Plan of Tomorrow: Deloitte’s Business Model In general, Deloitte observes that industry transformations occur in three seven-year cycles. Health care organizations—and thus health plans—appear to be no different. International Healthcare: Canadian Medicare Valuing […]

In The February Issue:

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1) Featured Article: New York now authorizes killing this newborn baby! Read more 2) Government Healthcare: Government Ethics is a Paradox Following the Judeo-Christian code of ethics could be a prosecutable crime. Read more 3) Misdirection in Healthcare: The “New” Medical Morality: Hippocrates or Bioethics? David Rothman, the author of “Strangers at the Bedside,”1 writes […]

In The October Issue:

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Featured Article: The purpose of the university is no longer the pursuit of   knowledge.Identity U. By Heather Mac Donald The diversity bureaucracy has finally swallowed an entire college. Read more In the News: How can government determine the value of an employee?The bottom line is that those who want to make $15 an hour flipping […]

The October 2015 Issue

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Featured Article: Single-Payer National Health Insurance around the World Part VIII In the News: The Changing Ideal Blood Pressure International Healthcare: Hospital’s Struggles Challenges China Health-Care Reform Economics of Government Directed Healthcare: The Essential: Ludwig von Mises Lean HealthCare: Practice Fusion Misdirection in Healthcare: Medicaid Expansion Increased Health Insurance Enrollment Overheard on Capitol Hill: Deferred […]