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Restoring Accountability by Moving from a Vertical to a Horizontal Industry:

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What is Our Mission?   by Melinda Woofter       We practice the art and science of medicine every day. We have witnessed and accelerated transformation of our profession away from individualized patient care toward politicized and collectivized “evidence-based medicine.” Without a doubt, this one-size-fits-all approach does not work and never can.       Every patient is unique, […]

In The October Issue:

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Featured Article: The purpose of the university is no longer the pursuit of   knowledge.Identity U. By Heather Mac Donald The diversity bureaucracy has finally swallowed an entire college. Read more In the News: How can government determine the value of an employee?The bottom line is that those who want to make $15 an hour flipping […]

Avoiding Government Thievery of our Profession

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The difference between government and thievery is mostly a matter of legality ~ Dr Walter E. Williams. Health Care has to be Patient Centered under a Physician’s Direction.  PCPD Feedback . . .  Subscribe to HealthPlanUSA . . . Subscribe to MedicalTuesday . . .

The Incubator for the Ideal Affordable Health Plan

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HealthPlanUSA is the network concerned with bringing the best available ideas to a unified HealthPlan concept that will help resolve the health care problems in the United States. We think that Dr. Eakman’s goal should be our goal in medicine and health care: Eradicate Politicized Health Care by taking the federal government out of healthcare […]

Innovations in Health Care will never come from Hospitals

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Hospitals will always expand, merge, consolidate or metastasize. Innovations will usually be accidental, but will increase cost of healthcare. This will increase the cost of health insurance and increase the insurance carrier’s profit. To reduce health care costs is not part of their DNA Hospitals are business enterprises without which sophisticated healthcare would plummet. Without […]

The Debate Continues

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     Between Wilson, a Liberty/Freedom Senator, and Sampson, a TSR Senator (Tax/Spend/Regulate) Senator Wilson:           We really have a live wire that won in the House. Senator Sampson:        Our party encompasses the progressives of any stripe. Senator Wilson:           Do you think she’s making progress in the mission of your party? Senator Sampson:        We […]

The “New” Medical Morality: Hippocrates or Bioethics?

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By Jeffrey Hall Dobken, M.D., M.P.H. David Rothman, the author of “Strangers at the Bedside,”1writes that the most “distinguishing characteristic of medical ethics [is] the extent to which it was monopolized by practicing physicians, not by formal [trained] philosophers.…” He asserted that serious social, behavioral, and cultural issues had to be confronted. These issues served […]

Government Ethics is a Paradox

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Following the Judeo-Christian code of ethics could be a prosecutable crime. Governments could make the entire Mosaic Code Legal. This would put all believers in Jeopardy for saying or teaching the Mosaic Code. This would in effect eliminate all parochial schools and religious education. Not only primary schools, but also secondary schools as well as […]

Lean is ubiquitous. Or is it?

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How many private jets are going to Davos in 2019? Based on official statistics for business jet use into and out of Zurich and St Gallen airports, we estimate 14% less private jet use in 2019 compared to 2018 Taking into account the average number of flights expected at both airports during the year, this […]

New York Now Authorizes Killing This Newborn Baby!

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Legislating Infanticide ~ Legalizing Murder The desire to avoid deeply disturbing realities by ducking into some alternate mental universe is a natural human reaction. The political vitriol coupled with the awful implications of the things we see and hear on any given day makes looking for some emotional escape hatch almost irresistible. Believe me, I would […]