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Restoring Accountability in Medical Practice by Non-Participation in Government Programs and Understanding the Devastating Force of Government

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Medicine and Liberty – Network of Liberty Oriented Doctors,, Alphonse Crespo, MD, Executive Director and Founder Medicine & Liberty (MedLib) is an independent physician network founded in 2007, dedicated to the study and advocacy of liberty, ethics & market in medical services. – We support professional autonomy for doctors and liberty of choice for […]

Portability-Part IV

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The NCPA/Texas Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plan to Create Personal and Portable Insurance at the State Level The proposal that follows was presented to Gov. George W. Bush’s Blue Ribbon Commission on the uninsured by the National Center for Policy Analysis and Texas Blue Cross and Blue Shield in 1999. How can the purchase of health […]

The Essentials: Leonard Read

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FEE is happy to present the Essential series, five free ebooks collecting the key works of five great freedom philosophers: Leonard Read, Ludwig von Mises, Henry Hazlitt, F.A. Hayek, and Frédéric Bastiat. In each of these compact anthologies, you will find a powerful case for liberty. But the ideas within are not mere fodder for debate. Like […]

Difficult to Measure Part I

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5 Reasons Healthcare Data Is Unique and Difficult to Measure Dan LeSueur, Vice President of Client and Technical Operations Posted in Data: Quality, Management, Governance and Data Warehouse / EDW. Editor’s Note: Below are both parts one and two of our series on the uniqueness of healthcare data. Those of us who work with data tend to think in […]

Empowered physician leadership essential to transform Healthcare

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Guest Commentary: Empowered physician leadership essential to drive healthcare transformation By Dr. Margaret Ferguson Last year I had the pleasure of meeting 2010 Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow, who was honored for the Iraq war film “The Hurt Locker.” She was the first woman to win this award. However, during a session that I jointly hosted […]

Single-Payer National Health Insurance around the World Part V

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Lives at Risk by John C. Goodman, Gerald L. Musgrave, and Devon M. Herrick (Continued from the October 2014 HPUSA Newsletter) DO OTHER COUNTRIES THINK THEY HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER? Despite the official rhetoric, over the course of the past decade almost every European country with a national health care system has introduced market-oriented reforms […]