Satyam A. Patel, MBA, Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

“I will never hide my talent.
If I am silent, I am forgotten.
If I do not advance, I will fall back.
If I walk away from any challenge today,
my self-esteem will be forever scared and
If I cease to grow a little, I will become smaller.
I reject the stationary position because
it is always the beginning of the end.”

Academia and Experience
Mr. Patel hails from an educated and cultured family where education and discipline are given utmost importance. Good wine needs no push – thrust for progressive experience is in his blood. The seeds of ambition, calmness and patience were implanted since his school time. Mr. Patel is a person of versatile personality having expert knowledge of various facets of corporate world like finance, information systems, marketing, management, accounts & audit; and having a Business/Commerce background with the finance, accounting, information systems and law experience.

Mr. Patel holds an MBA degree in Computer Applications from California State University, Sacramento. He also holds Bachelor degree in Business & Commerce from H.L College of Commerce, one of the prominent institutes of commerce in Asia. Mr. Patel also holds postgraduate degree in Law from Gujarat University, India. He has also pursued Chartered Accountancy course (Final Group II) from the very well-known Institute of the Chartered Accountants of India. Mr. Patel is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Cisco Certified Network Associate, having expert knowledge in system development, system application, MS office and networking.

‘Higher, Swifter, Stronger!’ This motto of the Olympics probably sums up the aspirations he hopes to fulfill in the long run. Mr. Patel has worked as Accounts and Audit Executive; managing financial accounting activities & financial planning and analysis, performing management audits including manufacturing process reviews, providing expertise in cost accounting/cost allocation for corporate entities, consulting in accounting and controls, and performing project & portfolio management. Mr. Patel had been a part-time faculty member at California State University, Sacramento teaching MIS classes for more than two years. Mr. Patel was the CIO/CFO of the simulated company when his team brought the victory to the California State University, Sacramento in the 38th annual international collegiate business strategy competition. Mr. Patel is an alumnus of DELTA SIGMA PI (Professional Business Fraternity), Epsilon Phi Chapter, California State University, Sacramento.

HealthPlanUSA, LLC
Mr. Patel, a Co-Founder, is serving as CFO of HealthPlanUSA, LLC, an emerging organization to provide affordable HealthCare for all Americans by restoring the Medical MarketPlace. He is assisting in bringing the organization from its incubator state to a conglomerate in the world economy. In present time, neither the medical profession nor the insurance carriers are ready to embark on such an innovative product or mission. With aid of HealthPlanUSA, LLC platform & technology, industry will begin to perceive the economic and health advantage to patients, as well as to doctors and insurance carriers in the effort of providing affordable health care.