The Debate Continues

by admin on 02/20/2019 8:21 PM

     Between Wilson, a Liberty/Freedom Senator, and Sampson, a TSR Senator (Tax/Spend/Regulate)

Senator Wilson:           We really have a live wire that won in the House.

Senator Sampson:        Our party encompasses the progressives of any stripe.

Senator Wilson:           Do you think she’s making progress in the mission of your party?

Senator Sampson:        We are inclusive and don’t shun any progressives.

Senator Wilson:           I’m really glad to hear that. May she wax eloquently in the elections next year.

Senator Sampson:        This is still very early. We already have 9 candidates. We may catch up with the 14 the Republicans had last year.

Senator Wilson:           I don’t think we’ll try to match that this time.

Senator Sampson:        You don’t have that many good people. I’m not sure you even have one.

Senator Wilson:           Elections are frequently surprises. We may take 40 or more states.

Senator Sampson:        Dream on.

Senator Wilson:           Back in 1980, 49 states voted for freedom.

Senator Sampson:        Now you’re really hallucinating.

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