9. The Health Plan for the USA: The person insured has to experience all costs.

by admin on 08/12/2019 1:43 AM

Whole Foods has begun to implement this type of
high deductible health Plan: HDHP


Key features of Whole Foods’ “consumer driven” health-care plan: CDHP

No premiums: After a few months on the job, individual workers get free coverage. For workers with families, free coverage starts after about five years.

High deductibles: $500 for prescriptions and $1,000 for all other medical costs.

Employee accounts: Whole Foods deposits $300 to $1,800 per year, depending on length of employment, to help meet the deductible.

Results: Overall medical claims fell 13% in the first year. About 90% of employees had money left over to use next year.

Source: WSJ research

The Health Plan for the USA (HPUSA) has to neutralize the insurance/hospital/medical complex by not being party to any of its stakeholders.

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HPUSA uses a deductible equal to the average basic healthcare cost for each decade of life which is the uninsurable portion. All additional coverage has a scalable copay to keep the patient in charge.

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