Avoid the High Cost Centers with Catastrophic coverage

by admin on 04/27/2019 2:18 AM

Health insurance plans are supposed to give us peace of mind in case something unimaginable happens. After all, that’s when we need these medical benefits the most. More people just want catastrophic coverage and don’t want to have to pay high premiums for basic, every day care. If that’s you, these options normally include the following:

  1. Hospitalization
  2. Surgery
  3. Emergency room expenses
  4. Sudden illnesses
  5. Traumas
  6. Accidents

This is what is essentially insurable. Office visits and routine care are not appropriate. If there’s an unexpected trip to the emergency room, the member is responsible for a $300 co-expense.

The average cost of an emergency room visit varies wildly on basic treatment. In our experience of a decade ago, this was in the neighborhood of $500 to $1250 rather than the $50 to $125 cost of a medical office visit. The National Institute of Health study put the median cost more recently at $1,233. According to Truven Health Analytics, 71 percent of ER visits are for non-emergencies which could more cost-effectively be managed in a physician’s office. Thus, ER visits are a huge increase in unnecessary costs.

There are a increasing number of insurers offering true emergency, surgery and hospital care. This will save you approximately one thousand dollars a month. Quoted rates are as low as $104.17 per month ($1250 per year). We have found other rates of $1,068 to $1992 with benefits not clearly defined. The plan comes with a $300 copay if you do go to the Emergency Room. The rate quoted in a recent issue of Sacramento Medicine stated that the average cost of first dollar coverage was $19,000 per year ($1583.33 a month).  However, with a yearly cost of $1250 or $1992, or even if we double that to $4000 instead for HDHP, that is a $15,000 savings from the $19,000 for full first dollar coverage. Then cost of office calls, lab, CXR, and ECG and rare ER visits are miniscule compared to the $15,000 per year savings.

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To evaluate these plans go to: https://www.healthforcalifornia.com/health-share-plans/aliera-health-care/catastrophic-coverage?gclid=eaiaiqobchmizcn0goct4qivih-tbh0j7alpeaayasabegklb_d_bwe

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