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1) Featured Article: New York now authorizes killing this newborn baby!
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2) Government Healthcare: Government Ethics is a Paradox
Following the Judeo-Christian code of ethics could be a prosecutable crime.
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3) Misdirection in Healthcare: The “New” Medical Morality: Hippocrates or Bioethics?
David Rothman, the author of “Strangers at the Bedside,”1 writes that the most “distinguishing characteristic of medical ethics [is] the extent to which it was monopolized by practicing physicians, not by formal [trained] philosophers.…” He asserted that serious social, behavioral, and cultural issues had to be confronted. These issues served as the basis for the development of bioethics and for attacking traditional Hippocratic medical ethics. . .
The notion of American “healthcare reform” has empowered a community of non-medically as well as medically trained philosophical theorists, also called “bioethicists,” as the stewards of progressive medical ethics and thus the guardians of medical care. This is a complex, interwoven story and not simply, as an ethics argument might imply, a simple formulaic method establishing “right” from “wrong.”

4) Innovations in Healthcare: Innovations in Health Care will never come from Hospitals.
Hospitals will always expand, merge, consolidate or metastasize. Innovations will usually be accidental but will increase cost of healthcare. This will increase the cost of health insurance and increase the insurance carrier’s profit. To reduce health care costs is not part of their DNA.

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