President Trump is thinking of a government shut-down

by admin on 10/10/2018 1:23 PM

Senator Wilson: Immigration is becoming a serious problem, as if it hasn’t been for some time. The influx from our Southern border is presenting some new hazards.

Senator Sampson: Hispanics have come across our borders for decades. What is so different now?

Senator Wilson: The influx has been increasing. We’ve had one amnesty for the undocumented.

Senator Sampson: Why not have another amnesty?

Senator Wilson: After the first amnesty, the gates were wide open and the undocumented increased.

Senator Sampson: What’s so bad about granting amnesty? 

Senator Wilson: After the second amnesty, the gates remained open and the number of the undocumented increased. When is this going to end?

Senator Sampson: Never

Senator Wilson: You don’t see this as a problem at all?

Senator Sampson: No.

Senator Wilson: But it has been shown with each new influx, there are more terrorists slipping through. This is a serious risk increasing.

Senator Sampson: That is just your projections which are unfounded. We haven’t had a terrorist attack in years.

Senator Wilson: Terrorist attacks have continued to occur at a number of places globally. It’s just a matter of time before we have a major one here in the states.

Senator Sampson: Our department of Homeland Security has been increasing their surveillance and haven’t found any lapses or openings, so we’re safe.

Senator Wilson: It will only take time which is totally unpredictable. We will have another terrorist attack and it could come in the west as they come in unsuspectingly and their population reaches a critical number and a major attack on some Western population center will occur.

Senator Sampson: I don’t see that as occurring or being prevented by a wall at our borders.

Senator Wilson: It is being demonstrated by the change in immigration pattern at the portions of the wall that have been built. We will have to extend the wall across the entire 700-mile Southern border to make our southern border more secure.

Senator Sampson: That’s an expensive proposition. It will further take money away from very important social positions.

Senator Wilson: Can we get back to basic government functions? The government is there to protect and defend us. It is not there to take care of us. Look at Greece. They would rather go bankrupt than to see their benefits trimmed. They don’t even see their benefits ending. That’s the real problem with all government entitlement programs. They can never be trimmed. Reason will never prevail. When the US Social Security System was implemented at age 65, more than half the population had died by the age of 62. Now we are living to age 77 and longer, which means that SS has to be a living wage for an extra 15 years for most of our population. It doesn’t take a STEM (Science, technology, engineering, or Math) graduate to see the problem. Even some that see this as a problem are unable to even reason that it must occur soon or that any action is needed prior to their death. Don’t they care about benefits for their children or grandchildren?

Senator Sampson: Now you’re putting a lot of emotional elements in the equation.

Senator Wilson:  If we postpone this until SS is scheduled to go bankrupt in the 2020s, we will have a much greater loss in retirement benefits as they shrink to negligible amounts. If we now postpose retirement to age 72, we would still give the majority of Americans 7 years of benefits rather than the majority having zero years when SS benefits started at age 65 when half of Americans were already dead?

The majority of Americans continue to work past 65 since they are still in good health. Why should we still support them with retirement benefits for seven years of unnecessary benefits that will soon disappear when the system goes bankrupt.

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Why isn’t Congress doing its job? Or are they just too afraid of not winning the next election?

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