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Between a TSR senator and a Liberty/Freedom Senator

Senator LF (Liberty/Freedom): You have given doctors the legal right to extinguish the life of their patients. Are you pleased?

Senator TSR (Tax/Spend/Regulate): Certainly. Isn’t that the humanitarian thing to do?

Senator LF: To give anyone that right is not protecting the poor and disadvantaged.

Senator TSR: Who else should we give that right to?

Senator LF: Why should anyone have the right to take another’s life?

Senator TSR: But the patient requested it.

Senator LF: Doesn’t that open up to abuse the taking of one’s life or even helping someone to take his own life?

Senator TSR: I think we have taken the appropriate safeguards to have another physician also approve this.

Senator LF: That just mean that two people have to agree to this suicide, which should be rather easy to do and then basically make two physicians accomplists.

Senator TSR: But doesn’t that protect the patient?

Senator LF: Well no. I’ll venture to say that there are more than two people that would love to see you dead. Am I correct?

Senator TSR: You’re making me very nervous. There are a lot of people that don’t like me. But do they want to see me dead?

Senator LF: They certainly wouldn’t want to risk their freedom and a prison term for direct involvement. But don’t you think there are more than two that would love to get rid of you if prison were not a possibility?

Senator TSR: Don’t we all make enemies during our lifetime?

Senator LF: I think we do. But the challenge is to get through life with the fewest enemies.

Senator TSR: I guess you’re right. They could hurt you.

Senator LF: And if you got sick, maybe kill you.

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