The Health Plan of Tomorrow: Deloitte’s Business Model

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In general, Deloitte observes that industry transformations occur in three seven-year cycles. Health care organizations—and thus health plans—appear to be no different.

The Health Plan of Tomorrow:

What will the health plan of tomorrow look like? How will traditional health plans transform, and what choices do leaders need to make now to survive the forthcoming disruption? To begin answering these questions, the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions conducted crowd-sourcing research with 28 health care, policy, and technology experts. Over four days, these experts presented and discussed use cases for the next innovation cycle with a focus on four key areas: customer centricity; innovation; collaboration; and operational excellence.

In general, Deloitte observes that industry transformations occur in three seven-year cycles. Health care organizations—and thus health plans—appear to be no different. As the industry moves through these cycles, the pace of disruption will likely only pick up. Health plans are running short on time to adapt as nontraditional players enter the market; consumers, employers, and government purchasers scrutinize costs; and health care providers assume more care delivery risk, while insurers and the government shed it. Thousands of innovative solutions that enable consumer experience have been introduced into the marketplace, some of which are being enabled by digital and consumer giants such as Amazon, Apple Inc., and Google.

Deloitte’s crowd-sourced experts described a future in which health plans will shift to a focus on well-being and care using multidimensional data. Products will balance traditional population-level risk with being hyper-personal and easy-to-understand, based on consumer need. Moreover, health plans will have learned how to engage and influence consumers toward better health through a high-touch experience with digital devices. The experts converged on one overarching theme: Health plans will need to overhaul their current business models from managing enrollment and risk to focus on a framework that supports sustaining members’ well-being. . .

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Editor’s Note:

The very concept of managing wellness, which is primarily a personal endeavor, and insuring the process is ludicrous. Would anyone purchase an insurance plan that motivates you to do the things that are healthy when anyone can do this without paying for it?

Does this also remind you of the Soviet’s 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year plans for their agriculture which nearly destroyed their farmers? It also destroyed innovation.

Did the Soviets not understand that without farmers, their food supply would diminish? Some even starved. Some even died of starvation.

The Deloitte’s three seven-year cycle plans may similarly destroy physicians. It will also destroy innovative medicine.

Does Deloitte understand that without physicians, their health care progress will come to a halt? Diseases may progress more rapidly. Mortality may come earlier.


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