The HealthPlanUSA Solution

by admin on 06/20/2011 1:12 AM

HPUSA is the only true Market-based Health Plan that uses the Internet and Digital Information Technology to bring the Insurance Carrier, Service Providers (Hospitals, Surgi-centers, Physicians, Pharmacies, Diagnostic and Treatment Centers), Patients and Credit Providers together at the same interface, allowing data, information and fund transfers to occur in real time.

The patient takes an interest in making an informed decision at every step of the health care process when he or she has a financial obligation in all decision-making processes-which doctor to see, which hospital to use, which pharmacy to utilize, which laboratory to use for testing, which x-ray facility to go to for diagnostic testing, which therapist to use for physical, occupational or speech therapy. The financial stake is proportional to the cost incurred without limit. Thus, in turn, each service provider will provide the best service for the fee involved in order to assure a continuing customer (patient) base.

This plan cannot be a government plan. It has to be privately financed and funded. It cannot be publicly funded because the stakeholder leaders could never sell it to their stakeholders. Each has a vested interest and is too anxious to see the public good as winning out against their own good. That’s why reform doesn’t take place in the Public Square.

This plan will require a free enterprise benefactor that will help devise, produce, and market the plan so that each stakeholder can make his own decision. Only then will each stakeholder see it for his own benefit, but also for the public at large.

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